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Triangulate Health is a full service CRM remote management company that extracts efficiency and improves patient care.

We play nice with others.

Our monitoring and reporting process can be adapted to the systems and devices preferred by your practice. We are Brand-, Software-, and EMR-Agnostic. Regardless of the size of your practice, we can help you streamline your patient monitoring, while saving you time and money.

The solution to the problem we didn't know we had

Triangulate Health helped us save time and money by sorting through all the data. They notified us when a patient required contact and greatly minimized the amount of false alarms. We had no idea how many billable events we were missing. The service pays for itself.

–Director of Remote Monitoring
Triangulate Health helps you help your patients

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Patient Monitoring Services


Monitoring technology alone cannot serve patients at the highest level of care. Without continuous examination of patient cardiac device data, false alarms can exhaust practice resources, and actionable events can go unnoticed. Find out how Triangulate Health can help you reduce your workload while increasing revenue.

About us

Triangulate Health can integrate into your team, following your policies and procedures, using the software and cardiac device brands that you already employ. We can help you focus more of your time on treating patients, and reduce your workload.

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